GPUs at the price you decide.

We deploy AI Agents that scan the world's GPU providers and notify you once found.


Create a bid. You set the price.

e.g., "Find me 9 A100 GPUs for less than $2.2/hr,
I'll pay $10 per GPU you find."

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Our AI agents search the world for GPUs

No more checking cloud consoles.
If the GPU exists at the price you need, we'll find it


Connect to your GPU

We'll email you once the GPU is ready.
You can direct SSH access the machine.
It is yours until you release it.



Bid per GPU

  • Bid for each GPU you want
  • Get email notifications
  • Community support



  • Everything in Starter
  • We help set up the machine for you
  • Dedicated support engineer

Billing that doesn't suck

You choose your bid
You specify the limits on GPU price.
No hidden platform fees.
You pay for underlying compute + whatever bid you place to get the machine.
example: You need 9 x A100 40gb machines that cost less than $1.8/hr, you bid $3 per GPU, we find the GPUs at that price and you pay 9x$3 = $27

Get cheap GPUs without spending your life in cloud consoles.